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Noise Exposure Meter
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Hearing Protection &
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Patent-Pending Multi-Function Meter for Sound Level & Noise Exposure Measurement, Hearing Protection, Hearing Loss Prevention, and Workplace/Appliance/Toy/Kitchen Noise Safety.

SoundMeter+ offers a very accurate sound level meter, noise exposure meter, spectrum analyzer, and a professional grade hearing-safety monitor on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.



› Precise Sound Pressure Level monitoring

› Real-time frequency spectrum

› Visible alert when environment is hearing-damaging

› Exposure-time alert in noisy environment according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guideline

› Environment-aware Hearing Protection messages

› Safety screening of sound-emitting toys for kids

› Safety screening of noise hazard from appliances, power & hand tools, and kitchen tools

› Safety screening of noise hazard anywhere: home, disco, party, concert, restaurant, etc.

› Noise Exposure Level for workplace safety

› Hands-on guides of Hearing Protection, Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Prevention

› Self-evaluation of hearing loss

› Evaluate hearing protection devices before buying

› Calibrate home theaters and speakers

› Easily support external microphone by custom calibration mode


Technical Specifications

› Sound Level Meter : IEC 61672 Compliant

  ● A/B/C/D/No Weighting

  ● Fast/Slow Mode

  ● Max/Min Hold & Duration

  ● 30-130dB Dynamic Range in 0.1dB Resolution

  ● Low/Auto/High Range with Accuracy +/-1.2dB

  ● Factory Calibration for Apple Built-in Internal microphone

  ● Support Customer's External Microphone with Easy Calibration Method

  ● Calibrate Speakers by Spectrum Analyzer and No Weighting


› Personal Sound Exposure Meter (Noise Dosimeter) : OSHA Compliant

  ● Dose, TWA, Projected Dose, Projected TWA, Elapsed Time

  ● Exchange Rate: 5 dB

  ● Criterion Level: 90 dB


› Impulsive Noise Meter : IEC 61672 Compliant

  ● Level Resolution: 0.1dB

  ● Time Resolution: ms


Patent Pending (U.S. Patent 13/719,251)

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