Video Walkie Talkie and Chat with peers around you in a class room, meeting room, concert theater, trade show, airport, ...anywhere and anyplace with no Internet and/or Mobile Data. Connected using Bluetooth or Self (Adhoc) WIFI.

"Secured Chat" with associates & friends & love ones without worrying about eaves-droppings.

Run the app and instantly see how many people around, then setting up chat session in a snap, either with one or many people. App required to run on all iPhone/iPad/iPod devices.

Your identity is always anonymous, easily creating chat profile to suit your mood and environment, and no chat history is ever leaving your device. No Server Registration requirement.

Chat messages are optionally encrypted for absolute protection.

On the otherhand, easily to share pictures, captured camera images or contacts among friends & acquaintances.

Perfect companion to server based , internet & data connection required, public messenger & chat apps.



› 1 to 1 peer video talkie.

› Video/Audio Sources Display Control.

› Auto Video Quality Adjustment based on available Network Speed.

› Front or Back Camera Source Selection with Flashlight if available.

› Auto Video Portrait or Landscape Display.

› Anonymous Secured & Private Chat With People Around You.

› Work Without Internet Connection and/or Mobile Data Plan.

› Peer To Peer WIFI (Adhoc,Self) or Bluetooth Networking.

› Start Chatting Without Registering Anything, one on one or in group.

› Create "Moody" Chat Profile On-The-Fly.

› Sharing Pictures & Camera Images & Contacts ...

› Chat Invitation, Declination or Complete Blocking ...

› Exit Chat Any Time.

› Chat History Is Kept On Device.

› Chat history Is Clear When Exiting.

› Maintain Chat Configurations & Connections In All Mode.

› Active & Background Sync-Up Operations.

› Messages Sent Acknowledge & Confirmation.

› Message Encryption.

› Events Alerting.

› Automatic Accepting Invitation.


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