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Full-Function High-Fidelity Music Player with Professional Karaoke Effects and Easy Listening for iTunes songs.

With unlimited playlists, where each playlist's individual song settings - Effects and Volumes - can be customized and saved, songs are easily grouped into any playlist in any order to suite any listening taste.

Advanced Audio Processing Core offers Professional Karaoke Effects and Easy Listening.

Support Lyrics and Unlimited Playlists (add/remove/rename/duplicate), and fast search for iTunes songs.



› Simple and Intuitive User InterfaceControls.

› Music Effects & Volumes are Customized and Saved for Each Song.

› Karaoke Singing Along with Microphone (Required Earphone/EarPod or HeadSet with built-in Mic).

› Song lyrics are Auto Imported from iTunes Lyrics.

› Editable Notes Area to Customize Lyrics & Song Information.

› Enhanced Microphone Voice Echo Effect.

› Full-Function High-Fidelity Music Player with Normal/Repeat/Loop/Shuffle Modes.

› Display Song Title, Artist and Album Artwork.

› Unlimited Playlists (add/delete/rename/duplicate).

› Import & Play iTunes Playlist(s).

› Playlist Sorting, Indexing and Fast Song Searching.

› Versatile Controls for Microphone Volume, Song Volume and Mixer.

› Fast Srubbable Music Progress Bar.

› Music Level Meter.

› Full Support for Background Running when Interrupted by Phone Call or Other Apps.


Technical Specifications

› Customed Digital Signal Processing Voice Softening engine covers broad range of song recording materials.

› Fine Tuning feature makes perfect customization on individual song.


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