High-Fidelity Music Parametric Equalizer for iTunes Library.

Powerful Effects combined with Easy and Versatile User Interface provide best ways to Enhance Music Listening Tastes.

Turn your typical Earpod into a quality Headset with Simple Twist to Enjoy far Richer Range of Sound impossible to hear with any Regular Music Player.

Dramatically Enrich EarPhone's and HeadPhone's Listening Experience.

Full HD Parametric Equalizer
(Left and Right Channel Controlled Separately)

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HD Parametric Equalizer
(Left and Right Channel Controlled Together)

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Full HD Parametric Equalizer

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HD Parametric Equalizer



› EQ & Input Preamp Settings is for each Left or Right channel (Full HD Parametric Equalizer).

› EQ & Input Preamp Settings is for both Left and Right channel (HD Parametric Equalizer).

› Comprehensive Playlist Creation & Management Functions and fast Audio Scrubbing.

› Parametric EQ offers Precise Setting of 10 EQ points' parameters: Frequency and Level.

› Frequency is anywhere within full Audio Range ([0 Hz,22050 Hz]).

› Level is anywhere within a large dynamic range of 100dB (-50dB,+50dB).

› Unlimited User EQs.

› Unlimited Playlists.

› Songs are easily inserted into a Playlist in any order.

    EQ and Input Preamp Volume of each Song are auto saved for each Playlist,
    ( Even a same Song in a Playlist can have different EQ Effects customized for different listening mood ).

› Factory EQ Presets provides Common EQ Configurations and Ease of Creating User EQ.

› Advanced Audio Processing Engine delivers Best Dynamic Range EQ effects at Any Frequency.

› EQ Bypass mode for easy Comparison.

› Edited Song's EQ can be saved as User EQ, Default EQ and/or can be applied to all Songs in Playlist.

› Song Lyrics are Auto Imported from iTunes Lyrics.

› Editable Note to hold Customized Lyrics & Song Info.

› Display Song Title, Artist and Album Artwork.

› Smooth Background Operations in Concert with Interruption of Voice Call and/or Other Apps.


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Main Screen

Parametric Equalizer Settings

Equalizer Setup

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